Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Caroline.  We are a Akira Class Starship based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and part of Starfleet International a large global Star Trek Fan Club. Along with chapters in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. we make up the 20th Fleet (Region 20).  We come together to celebrate Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future and hopefully bring his vision into the world we live in today.  

Welcome Aboard The USS Caroline!

The U.S.S. Caroline needs  you!

The Caroline is nothing without its members!  Our main goal has always been to create a community that promotes the ideals portrayed in Star Trek.  We need you to help us grow our Belfast and wider Northern Ireland chapter by meeting new friends and having fun! For less than £5 a year, you can join our adventure with STARFLEET International and The Caroline.  What are you waiting for?  Click the image above for more information.  The Human adventure is just beginning!